A Great Nation


We are passing through a difficult stage and the option we have is between the devil and the deep sea. What has led us to this stage? why is the conflict and confusion so strong today? Our character, our past, and our present state of perplexity are nothing but a result of our own failures.

May be things would have gone far from where they are now, when this submission is read. The whole world seems to be in pursuit of exciting the crisis and mankind is faced with the option of either perspicacious realization of the challenges or self destruction to achieve a common objective; peace. The less I write about the world situation, the better as we are not short of thinkers and analysts who are doing their job very effectively.

I only want to give my thoughts on our national dilemma so that whatever the circumstances we are facing when this article is read, we can ponder the points mentioned below individually and collectively.

Nations do not become great overnight by taking decisions in crisis situations such as the one we are facing currently. It is only the resolve to live righteously and through cohessive struggle over a period of time that steers nations closer to their ideals. Our behaviour in ordinary circumstances is more important than our expectation of emotianally righteous attitude in hours of crises.

It is not the leaders who make a nation great but greatness is measured through the behavior of an average man of a society. It is only once we stop dreaming of over night miracles and of leaps into greatness and start living our lives for this purpose that our dreams will come true.

Years of struggle may seem wasting of lives for a generation but no greatness can be achieved without sacrifice and sacrifice of years is nothing for nations that remain for centuries.

We have to have faith in ourselves and we need to start thinking and acting accordingly. Insha Allah our ideals and our objectives will be worked towards and we shall be what we have so far only dreamt about.

Pakistan Zindabad!