A True Muslim can never be a Terrorist


Islam gives us the lesson of tolerance, love and peace. That is why a Muslim is a great apostle of these virtues. Our Prophet (P.B.U.H) decided the first ever written pact of peace (MISAAK-E-MADINA or CHARTER OF MADINA). He always fought defensive wars and acted upon the policies of peace. So the follower of this religion and lover of such great Prophet can never be a terrorist.

The fact is that only Muslims are being suppressed and persecuted whether it be in Kashmir, Palestine or Afghanistan. Only in Afghanistan countless unarmed civilians have been killed, and many others have been made homeless. Many hospitals have also been made in to targets. These poor people were already fighting against starvation as they were under UN sanctions. What is all this? Is this not terrorism? Many thousand Iraqi children have died as the result of US economic sanctions. Is this not terrorism?

The whole history of Palestine is replete with the violation of human rights and UN resolutions. Everyone knows that Palestine is the homeland of Arab Muslims. Britain, according to “Balfour Declaration”, supported the idea of making a homeland for Jews in Palestine. In 1948, Jews occupied the 77% territory of Palestine and later confiscated the remaining of 33% in 1967. Jews violated all UN resolutions in this dispute (resolution 181(11), 242, 338). The peace loving Palestinians demanded peace but they got nothing through the seven-year peace process. They were persecuted and are being tormented.

Another example of state terrorism is Indian occupied Kashmir that has become a “Flash Point” and “Burning Paradise” because of India stubborn attitude. The Indian armed occupation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is illegal and took place against the wishes of people. Despite the decision of the UN Security Council for holding a plebiscite to allow the people to determine their own future, India violated all UN resolutions and turned down all proposals for the settlement of this dispute. Even peace loving Pakistan has invited India for a dialogue but India is not willing to do so. More than 80,000 Muslims have been martyred by 700,000 Indian troops. Is this not terrorism?

These days ­ what is happening in the Indian province Gujrat? Countless Muslims have been burnt alive. This is all happening in so-called “secular” India. Is this not terrorism? The irony is that Muslims are being molested everywhere and they are dubbed as “TERRORIST”. Is this justice?