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This site is based on the best-selling CD-ROM “Story of Pakistan: A Multimedia Journey”. The contents of the site focus on the political history of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, tracing its roots from pre-historic times, to the various dynasties that ruled the Indo-Pak Sub-continent.

The timeline then moves on to the British rule, followed by the Pakistan Movement which finally results in the formation of an independent homeland for the Muslims of Indo-Pak Sub-continent. After that the articles mostly cover various changes in governments after Independence, along-with brief biographies of important personalities of different eras.

Due to the vast number of topics this site attempts to cover, it will always remain a work-in-progress. While we have, and will in the future, take utmost care in the accuracy of the content posted on this site, there will undoubtedly be instances where you may want to point out an omission, a mistake, or simply a difference of opinion. We will always welcome such feedback and would like you to hear from you on all accounts.

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