But You Have To Admire Their Cunning


One byproduct of the Internet is the barrage of opinion pools that fill your In-box daily. “Do you believe in free-love?; “Voice your opinion against arms”; “No more sugar!”. While the validity of these polls is obviously something to be taken with a grain of salt, they sometime do force us to look at things a little differently.

A friend of mine sent me the following poll “The UN Security Council should back tough inspections, not war.” I read it and it hit me. Wow!! The Bush Administration does have some brains.

Okay I’ve gone off on a tangent. Let me explain. For the past few months, America has been doing all it can to force war upon the Middle East. This has resulted in the complete polarization of world opinion. One segment wants to bomb Iraq to the ground; the other group is prepared to do whatever it takes to avert war.

Let’s take a step back. There are two main reasons that America wants to go to war. They want to control all that Iraqi oil, and they want to “teach the Muslim world a lesson.” That’s all. The other issues are just wrapping paper.

Think about it. Iraq has agreed to destroy its Al-Samood missiles (already has destroyed half of them) while the Saudis have categorically refused to play a roll via the OIC, and the rest of the Muslim World is almost quiet. The world is playing right into American hands. America has declared, “Saddam must step down – or else.” And the rest of the world is selling their souls to prevent “or else”. The Bush Administration is already talking about the new America-chosen Iraqi government. We’ll see another Afghanistan all for the sake of averting a war.

Does this mean that America will not wage war? No, but the rest of the world is handing it glorious victory in a platter.

What if the Muslim countries called Americas’ bluff? Can’t the Muslim World gets together, and starts sending its troops to the gulf? Why hasn’t this thought occurred to any Muslim state? Why are we so afraid of war? We’re Muslims. This is a clear-cut case of Jihad. Why are we avoiding it?

I realize what I’ve written will not make any difference at all. But if even a few people start to just THINK on these lines who knows.