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1905 – 1919 Personalities

Syed Ameer Ali traced his lineage through the eighth Imam, Ali Al-Raza, to the Holy Prophet (S. A. W.). One of his forefathers held office under Shah Abbas II of…

1958 - 1962 Events

Pakistan is an agricultural country. Eighty percent of its agricultural output comes from the Indus Basin. Pakistan has one of the world’s largest canal systems built much before Independence by…

1526 – 1628 Personalities

Akbar’s success was mainly due to capable and talented men who surrounded him. One of them was Sheikh Abul Fazl who was born in Agra on 14 January 1551 during…

1988 – 1993 Personalities

Wasim Sajjad was born on March 30, 1941 in Jalandhar. He is the son of late Justice Sajjad Ahmad Jan. Wasim Sajjad has excellent academic credentials; he graduated in 1961…

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