Do Reporters Really Know How To Choose Their Topic And Do Their Homework Right These Days?

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A Jesuit priest from Bombay, Bishop Steins, after a visit to the Vatican in 1861, requested help from a Belgian Missionary organization called Daughters of the Cross to help spread the message of The Good Lord (Christianity) in the Subcontinent. A year later, several sisters made a long and arduous journey from Europe to plant the seeds of peace, goodwill and religious tolerance in a town called Karachi. From their selfless work came forth a reputed educational institution called St. Patricks Missionary High School (founded by Reverend J. Wiley). This school would teach patience and tolerance to many young budding minds of the subcontinent in the next 100 years of the British Raj.

St. Patricks Missionary High School however currently has one great anomaly in its list of distinguished alumni. So anomalous is the alumnus, that his name spurs a sense of distancing by the current administration of the school. Because, at the age of 14, contrary to the teachings of the Jesuit priests, this anomalous alumnus joined an ultra right-wing nationalist youth movement called the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) which is akin to the Anti-Semitic heritage of Adolf Hitlers Brown Shirt movement during the Second World War. After the RSS was banned by the Indian Government in 1948 for its role in the assassination of one of the greatest men of peace, Mahatma Gandhi, this anomalous alumnus continued fervently with his preaching of fascist beliefs that his teachers of St. Patricks Missionary High School could never undo in him. By 1980, his fiery Mien Kempf-like oratory had won the hearts of so many young Indians that he managed to co-found a political party on a purely religious mandate – the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The BJP aspires for an Ideal Hindu Rashtra based on total allegiance to the principles of Hindutva similar to that followed by the Taleban of Afghanistan, the Nazis of Third Reich Germany or the Zionists of Israel today. In fact, Golwalkar (Guruji to BJP followers) and Hedgewar, the two founding fathers of RSS, were both so impressed with fascist Mussolini’s and Nazi Hitlers vision of a one-pure-race-nation, that the RSS was the direct outcome of their trip to Europe in the 1930s. Most of the RSS youth indoctrination of Indian boys aged between 12 and 16, of which this anomalous alumnus was an unfortunate victim, is based today on the propaganda tactics first used by Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.

12 years after its founding, in December 6, 1992, the BJP, the political party set up by the same anomalous alumnus of St. Patricks Missionary High School, became responsible for the demolition of a place of worship in Uttar Pradesh (India) called the Babri Masjid. His complicity in the demolition and the subsequent incitement of riots that left thousands dead across India was so obvious that the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had to file an FIR – a First Information Report. After a year long investigation, in October 5, 1993, the FIR clearly alleged that the anomalous alumnus participated in a conspiracy to demolish the masjid on December 6, 1992 and committed grave offenses in pursuance of that conspiracy. A further 10 years later, in February 2002, when unidentified men set fire to one of the coaches of an Indian Train Sabarmati Express carrying Hindu Pilgrims in Gujarat, the home state of Mahatma Gandhi was aflame with Hindu-Muslim riots. Gujarat is one of the states ruled by the BJP, and the riots left more than 2000 people dead, most of them Muslims. After six months of official investigation by the Central Government of India in New Delhi, as to who really set fire to the train compartment S-6 of Sabarmati Express?, the BBC went on the record to state (on July, 3, 2002),. Now, conclusions reached by official forensic investigators contradict earlier accounts of the incident. They say the evidence suggests the fire was started inside a carriage, not by a mob outside.

The new theory does not answer the key question of who started the fire and why and seems at odds with eyewitness

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