Dr. Arif Alvi


Dr Arif Alvi was born on 29 August in the year 1949 in the city of Punjab in the Punjab province of Pakistan. During his youth he moved to Karachi along with his family. He is married to Samina Alvi and have a son named Dr. Awab Alvi who also practices medicine. He firstly graduated from the University of Punjab after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Dentistry, then from the University of Michigan after completing his Master’s in Prosthodontics and lastly from the University of the Pacific after finishing his Master’s in Orthodontics. Dr. Arif Alvi is now known as one of the best dentists in Karachi and has his own dental Hospital where he practices regularly.

Dr. Arif Alvi began his political vocation through the University of Punjab’s student union council where he tirelessly struggled for the implementation of democracy in our country.

He is one of the many people who helped the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf originate and was the Secretary General until Pervez Khattak substituted him in 2013. Dr. Arif Alvi continued his struggle for democracy for almost two decades until he finally won a National Assembly seat in the 2013 general elections from the densely populated Defence/Clifton area in the southern part of Karachi. Till date he continues to work as a MNA in Karachi and as a dentist.

This article was last updated on Aug 2013