Establishment v/s Bureaucracy


President Musharraf government seems to be losing grip over things. He is paying lots of attention to the NRB Chairman Lt. Gen (R) Tanvir Naqvi and his “think tank” ideas. General Naqvi has recently suggested some civil services reforms. General Musharraf seems intent on cracking down on bureaucrats in order to keep check and balance on them.

Heeding NRB seems to be one of the greatest errors General Sahib is committing. It is because of his advisors around him who have isolated General Musharraf from day one. General Musharraf and his fellows talk about politicians in such a ridiculous and humiliating way that even if one dislikes Pakistani political Mafia, he/she feels like disagreeing in a rather gentle manner. After getting politicians as true enemies of President, now establishment is taking a stand against the very strong deep-rooted bureaucracy of Pakistan which is altogether a wrong approach.

Bureaucracy (normally known as bura-karey-see) was and is involved in corruption but it is a bitter reality that it certainly is the strongest Mafia of the country since 1947. Bureaucracy has always been in the background of every coming and going government. This is no way to deal with Bureaucracy the way NRB is proposing. It will only start a cold war between the Establishment (Armed forces) and the Bureaucrats. Results could be predicted keeping in view the history of all Military leaders of Pakistan in the past. Wear and tear of bureaucracy is on in NRB and ED(Establishment Division) camps. Only Military men are involved in these new planning and no worthy representation granted to the mainly affected department of bureaucrats. President should realize that he needs to keep everyone with him at this juncture and country cannot afford another cold war between or among giants of Pakistan i.e. Military and Bureaucracy. It will only result in more problems.

General sahib is all-powerful and absolute leader of Pakistan at present. One can think he could do anything but then again, none should underestimate the especially shrewd bureaucracy of the country. Wise enemy is better than the stupid friend is. Perhaps, General sahib has bureaucracy in form of former and NRB in form of latter entity in this statement.

Already, Referendum of April 2002 has affected the fame and popularity of the President as people had same impression like Sharif and Bhutto, who used to snatch vehicles for elections, used to utilize state assets for personal reasons and used to make people suffer for their adventures. If NRB gave this idea to president, then it certainly is a stupid friend and if bureaucracy was behind the gun, then it definitely is working against the Establishment.

These demolition plans of Police, reforms of DMG, merger of few Civil service groups, wear and tear, Local govt. systems, check and balances and whatever! At least bureaucrats should be given due regard and representation in all issue related directly to them for good. Or else Pakistan is not in position of handling another establishment v/s bureaucracy conflict. After October 10, politicians – though rubber-stamp ones – will enter into the scenario as well. Together bureaucracy and political junta could do any wonder. Who knows? After all they are all those shrewd brains and simple straightforward General Musharraf with “think tank” of NRB is at the other end.

Inflation is defaming the government among common men. Religious minded public is already mad at the President’s policies. Politicians are unhappy as well. A successful general on his death bed said, “now now my good men! Its not the right time to make new enemies”. General Musharraf should review his policies before it gets too late for him. Referendum already proves that NRB is a stupid friend he’s got while bureaucracy is a smart wise enemy. At this stage, General Sahib needs support from his people.

Let’s hope that something would come up in favor of Pakistan Insha-Allah. General Musharraf needs to step out of the Establishment world and needs to be a diplomat with diplomats. No doubt they were/are corrupt but then who isn’t? How about his own red tapped army commanders? Lots of check and balances for bureaucracy and politicians but none for president or military whatsoever? Lots of good reasons for wise enemies of General Musharraf to destabilize his govt. And wise enemies know when to strike and where.