1857 - 1905 Events
British Colonization and Muslim Reform Movements

1857 - 1867

1857 - 1867 Events Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

The War of Independence 1857 ended in disaster for the Muslims. The British chose to believe that the Muslims were responsible for the anti-British uprising; therefore they made them the…

1857 - 1867 Events Movement To Enforce

During the last days of the Muslim rule, Urdu emerged as the most common language of the northwestern provinces of India. It was declared the official language, and all official…

1857 - 1867 Events Madrasa Education

Apart from the Aligarh Movement, there were many other forces working in the Sub-continent that contributed to national consolidation. These were in the form of institutions that grew up within…

1857 - 1867 Events Government of India Act 1958

After the War of 1857 the British government brought a momentous change in the subcontinent. Through the Government of India Act 1858, the British crown assumed control of India from…

1857 - 1867 Events Government of India Act 1961

With the passage of time the British Government decided to associate the people of the subcontinent with the law making process. For this end the Indian Councils Act was passed…

1884 - 1905

1884 - 1905 Events Anjuman Himayat-i-Islam

For a thousand years, Lahore had been a great cultural and intellectual center of the Muslims. Under the Mughals, Lahore boasted of rapid progress in the domains of education and…

1857 - 1905 Maulana Shibli

This institution came into existence in 1894 as a result of the efforts of some religious minded government officials, ulema, and sufis, who wished to bring the ulema together and…

1857 - 1905 Durand Line

The present border between Pakistan and Afghanistan – Durand Line was officially demarcated on November 12, 1893 between Amir Abdur Rehman, the Amir of Afghanistan and the government of the…

1857 - 1905 NWFP as an Independent Province

NWFP is considered as a gateway for all the phases and prospects, which include invasions, and political or social changes or movements in the Indian Subcontinent due to its peculiar…

1857 - 1905 Government of India Act 1892

The political climate of the subcontinent underwent a big change due to the formation of Indian National Congress in 1885. With growing political awareness the educated class started demanding representative…