It should have been undone


The single act of saving a life out of pure love is greater than spending one whole life in religious offerings to the Gods. To kill a single person is to kill the whole humanity. War only leads to bloodshed and destruction.

Wall street journal reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped by an extremist group in Pakistan and is now reported dead. His death was confirmed after the Pakistani authorities received a videotape showing the actual moment of his death. According to reports, he was seen saying, I am a Jew, my mother is a Jew in the taped video film.

During his conversation he was struck with a sharp sword and his head was separated from the body. It was a very terrible scene. This is really a barbaric act. His murder is senseless. He didn’t deserve that treatment. He was an innocent citizen of the United States. His mistake was that he was a Jew. The news of his death spoiled hopes of his reclamation. Accused Omer Sheikh has confessed that he his among the brains involved in the kidnapping. He made several statements. Pearl abductors clamed that he was a spy but CIA denied his involvement in any such activity. His family hoped till the end that he would return alive but something else was written in his fate. His family described his murder as senseless. Pearl’s wife, Mariane, is pregnant with their first child. From their home in Encino, California, his parents, Judea and Ruth Pearl, issued a statement on behalf of the family, calling him “a beloved son, a brother, an uncle, a husband and a father to a child who will never know him.”

Gen. Previz Musharaf condemned his murder and instructed the security forces to capture the responsible culprits as soon as possible. Daniel pearl body has not been recovered as yet. Foreign media, especially CNN has been linking his murder with Musharaf crack down against militant groups.

Now, with the honesty and objectivity of a realist, lets have a critical view of Pearls death. Daniel Pearl was gathering material on the possible ties between Richard Reid (an accused terrorist, who was arrested on a Paris-Miami flight he allegedly boarded with explosives in his shoes.) and a Pakistani militant. Omer Sheikh, a British born extremist appeared before a judge in the antiterrorist court. He stated that he was one of the brains that engineered Pearls kidnapping.

Daniel pearl made a big mistake by trying to become another James Bond. Only God knows exactly what happened. He might have tried to penetrate a jihad group for the sake of investigation or evidence.

Why are Americans hated? This is a very vital question. People have hatred in their hearts for America due to his dual nature. America has never been sincere to Pakistan. America wants its supremacy over the world. America nepotism is also one of the causes of aggression. Muslims are killed daily but a killing of a single American has caused so much chaos. Whether its Kashmir or Palestine, none of the Americans take into account what has been happening for the last fifty-four years. On the other hand, the world witnessed American apprehension over East Timor. Jihad groups in Pakistan are termed as extremists or militants by foreign countries. We call them freedom fighters. When these groups fought in Afghanistan, they were appreciated. Whenever they take part in any such activity we support them. But an innocent killing of a journalist is not jihad. Islam is a religion of love and peace. You can threaten someone, you can harm someone, you can even kill someone but you can’t kill his thoughts, his ideals. The thing is you can convince your opponent by your arguments. Doing a thing forcefully is not a great job. My heart doesn’t except that a Muslim can do this. If a Muslim does it then he is not a true Muslim.

Today, to be a Muslim is a great crime and if you are a Pakistani you are suspicious, as Americans call us (Muslims) extremists or fundamentalists. Whenever there is an act of terror, Muslims are held responsible for that. India has always been saying that Pakistan is a place of shelter for terrorists. It is trying its best to have America declare Pakistan a terrorist state. Today Pakistan is standing at a very crucial stage of his history. So whenever our people do anything it represents our country, we need to control our emotions. Control you emotions before they control you.