Jalal ud Din Firuz Khalji


Jalal-ud-din Firuz Khalji was the founder of Khalji dynasty. Ethnically he was an Afghanized Turk. He ascended the throne on 14 June 1290 when he was seventy years old. He ruled for six years and followed a policy of mildness and forbearance. Jalal-ud-din was an experienced soldier and readily distinguished himself as a general and administrator. He was mild, generous and peace loving king. He disliked warfare as he considered it a loss of human lives. He did not initiate wars during his reign and march to Ranthembore is the only military expedition of his reign. He never applied violent means to his opponents. Murder of a dervish Siddi Maula is the only exception to it as the king suspected him for plotting political intrigues against him.

During his reign the Mongols attacked India but they were defeated. One descendent of Changiz khan by the name of Ulugh Khan accepted Islam with his fellows numbering in several thousands. They settled in India and were later known as “new Mussalman”.

Ala-ud-din Khalji, who was Jalal-ud-din Khilji’s nephew and son-in-law, was Governor of Kara, (near modern Allahabad). He was joined by some malcontent oficers to organize army and make a bid for the throne of Delhi. For this purpose he planned to obtain necessary funds by looting the neighboring territories. He invaded Malwa and captured Bhilsa from where he got a good deal of plunder. Then he made up his mind to undertake a bolder expedition and according to Haig made “the most impudent raid known to history”. With the aid of 8,000 horsemen, he crossed the Vindhyas to reach Devagiri, the capital of a powerful kingdom. He succeeded on account of his good luck and also due to his unusual boldness and courage to return with a huge booty tantamount to 17,250 pounds of gold, 200 pounds of pearls, 28,000 pounds of silver and 1000 pieces of silk. When Jalal-ud-din Khalji became suspicious and critical of his nephew’s moves without seeking permission from the royal authority, he was pacified by Ala-ud-din’s brother and urged to meet his nephew, who, he stated, was ashamed of what and wanted to beg his apology. Jalal-ud-din welcomed the suggestion and went to Kara where he was assassinated. Thus Ala-ud-din distributed the booty among the nobles and occupied the throne of Delhi.

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