Lets do or Let Die


Today Pakistan is standing on the brink of a disaster. Tension has bounded the sub-continent but pressure is mounting on Pakistan. It looks as if India is going to impose war on Pakistan. It seems to be an American conspiracy and India is taking its full advantage. If India attacks Pakistan it will be supported by Israel, Russia and many others including America. India might try to destroy our nuclear Installations. Israeli jets might be take part in that attack. India will especially seek military support from Israel and Russia. Pakistan will only be looking towards its old friend China. We are again left alone and our country is in deep trouble.

Have we ever thought that why God has blessed us with sincere leaders like Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif? It is because of the fact that we have become morally low. We are not worthy of being called a nation. We are divided. Our ideals, thoughts, views, and line of action, everything is different. How we can be called a nation? Although we follow one Quran and believe in one God but still we are not united. It is the habit of our politicians to blame each other, whether they are in government or in opposition. They try their level best to degrade each other. They give priority to their individual interests over the supreme national interest of the country. For them their seat is more important than their country. They are least concerned with the future of Pakistan. Kalabagh dam is among one of the most terrible issues in our history. In every election campaign our politicians announce to build Kalabagh dam but when they are in power they forget it like a dream. Roots of provincialism have grasped the hearts of our people. Every department of our country has become corrupt. Even our military forces are suffering with this cancer.

Apparently, we are free but actually we are slaves of Indian and western culture. Everybody is fond of foreign stuff. We are afraid to use local products. If we look at the Indian people they prefer to use their local products rather than using imported products. This is the reason of their self-reliance. Dishonesty, greediness, insincerity and, selfishness has seized our society. I have seen many people who feel ashamed of being a Pakistani. Everyone uses the resources of this country but no one owns it. This is really regretful. Here I would like to quote an example to explain the attitude of youngsters towards Pakistan. They are like a young man who fells in love with a beautiful woman. He loves her till she is beautiful and looses interest in her when she becomes unattractive. Love built on beauty, as soon as beauty dies, love dies. It is the case with our people. They don’t want to own unstable Pakistan. Who made it unstable? Me? You? No it is teamwork. No one else but we are responsible for that. If someone still believes that Pakistan is good for nothing he must leave Pakistan. We are not supposed to destroy Pakistan with our own hands. We lost our East Pakistan in 1971. Did we learn anything from that heartbreak? Did our army learn anything? These are the questions to be asked.

Yet it’s not all over. It’s not the end of the road. The ray of hope is there. The people who love Pakistan will not let it down. We can still make Pakistan great and prosperous. By working with honesty, sincerity, loyalty we can turn the tables. We must stand united, as one Nation. We should learn to live in a peaceful atmosphere and resolve our differences passively. We are one brotherhood. We must learn to forgive others for their mistakes. Provincialism is a big hurdle in our way to progress. Living nations never forget their culture and tradition. Dear countrymen! India is trying to impose war on Pakistan. Although winning and loosing is the part of game. But this is not a game; this is a matter of national security. To loose a war is to loose your freedom. Let us show India that we are one. We are not scattered. In this sensitive situation we must support our regime. Lets make a promise with ourselves that if emergency is declared in Pakistan we will not violate any law. We will sacrifice our lives for the sake of our beloved country. We will fight till the last breath. God bless Pakistan. Let’s do or let die.