Limited Options for Pakistan


Every human has a sympathetic feeling for the innocents who were killed in the accident of September 11, and I without any doubt am not an exception. However this does not mean that I am supporting the case of the United States of America. President Bush termed the happenings as an attack on the Civilized World. Can I ask him what does the term Civilized World means? Does it only mean that the people who are living in developed countries are civilized and the rest of the mankind is uncivilized? Or he means that an attack on whites is an attack on Civilized World? Or he thinks that only an attack on Christian is an attack on the Civilized World? It is just the American President and people, who compelled many to think this way.

I tried to explore history but failed to find any such statement when jungles and houses of Vietnam were burned and eight hundred thousand Vietnamese were killed. No of the American president has ever issued such a statement whenever the Israeli tanks and jets open fire on the Palestinian children with pebbles in their hands. Why do they ignore the attacks on Iraqi hospitals and schools and Serbian cities? Why do they put a deaf ear to the voices of aged Kashmiri women and minor girls who are being gang raped? Why nobody came out to protest against the bombardment of civilian areas of Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan and Libya by the so-called civilized United States. And the worst of them all, was the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not the act of barbarianism? No American in official capacity has ever apologized for those inhuman acts.

Yet none of these think that in retaliation, common and innocent men or women of the United States can be killed. If one wants counter attack he should only have the moral right to take revenge from the oppressor and not their countrymen. But then one can ask that who sets these rules of the game? Isn’t it the Western World itself, who believes that every thing is fair in love and war? So the people who have been physically, economically and mentally harassed by the so called civilized world consider themselves at war with the United States and the allies. They are only following the principle of war set by them, considering it their right to do what they have done. They may have satisfied themselves by destroying the symbols of United States economy and defence in shape of World Trade Center and Pentagon respectively. However, if the brain behind the idea was that of a Muslim, I will recommend them to read the rules set by the Holy Prophet (SAW) at the time of the conquest of Makkah. Unlike the Western norms, in Islam every thing is not fair even in war.

What happened in New York and Washington were just the reaction of what so ever is happening all around the world. If United States really wants to find a solution to this problem, instead of attacking Osama and Afghanistan, they need to revise their foreign policy. They need to stop their unjust interference in the economic, political and military problems, all over the globe. United States should try to grow up and act like a mature country and should stop behaving like an arrogant child. Even a common man is asking that how can he call a country a supper power, who is afraid of just one person? God knows better that if there is some reality in what they are saying about Osama or he is just a myth. But one thing is sure that Osama has become a symbol of defiance, hatred and threat for the West, especially United States. Killing one Osama can not be the solution of the problem.

Though these developments took place on other end of the globe and no Pakistani was directly accused, yet the country which was effected most by the incident was Pakistan. Without any proof, United States administration put the entire blame on Osama and at any cost wants to get control over him. As Osama was in Afghanistan and Afghan government was socially and physically close to Pakistan, United States refreshed their love for Pakistan and asked their old ally to help them in fighting their war against terrorism. This put Pakistan in a very awkward position. The policy makers in the country had the option either to protect the security of the country or to protect its ideology. Like any sensible person, they opted for security, as they believe that ideology can only be protected if the country will survive.

Nobody can doubt the fact that Pakistan was facing a very difficult time and the options were also limited. But before making the final decision one needs to think that what could be the repercussions of adopting the option. Does one think that they will be considered as a part of the Civilized World if they help the United States? To find the answer of this question one needs to dive into history. It is in the instinct of United States that they consider their allies as tissue papers and after using them throw them in the dustbin. Iraq and Afghanistan, who were once their best friends (because America needed them at that time) are today their number one enemy (because they do not need them any more). Pakistan has its own experience as well. The country signed defence pacts with the United States in 1950s but when Pakistan wanted their help during 1965 war no help was given. Once again Pakistan remained very close to United States during Afghan war, but when Soviet Unions was demolished, they started coining Pakistan as a terrorist state. It is a common saying that history only repeats itself if one does not learn from his mistakes. Pakistanis need to understand that they can not become part of the Civilized World with their tan skin and Islam as their religion.

Keeping this point in mind one can say that the choice for Pakistan was between death and death. The only option for them was to select which type of death would they prefer? An honorable death with self-respect not hurt or death after accepting the slavery of your enemies. Whether Pakistani government will support the war against Osama or not, the fact remains that the heart of the common man in Pakistan will keep on beating with their hero Osama. At least, I being a fan of Tipu Sultan would prefer a one-day life of a lion than a life of hundred years like a jackal. However our history proves that our heart always beat with Hazrat Hussain but our swords are with Yazeed. Are we not repeating the same again? The question which strike many Pakistani minds, again and again, is that whether they will embrace Shahadat or not if they will be shot dead by a bullet fired by a follower of Osama?

Yet, I am not totally against the government policies and am well aware of the fact that saying something while sitting in an armchair is different than making a decision in the President House. Who knows, had I been in Gen. Musharraf shoes I might would have been doing the same what his government is doing. But I think that at-least as a person, who has a pen in his hand, I have to perform my duty and to tell my nation that the only salvation of the Muslims and specially Pakistanis lies in following the golden principles of Islam. Quran has clearly defined that who is our friend and who is not.