Makhdoom Ameen Fahim a Faithful Personality


Pakistan People Party’s senior leader Makhdoom Ammen Fahim was born on 4th August 1939 at Hala city. He got his primary education from Hala. He passed Matriculation in 1957.

In 1961 he passed graduation in Politics form University of Sindh and started Politics from Pakistan People Party platform.

His father was a 17th spiritual leader of his “Sarwari” Community and he was an Influential personality of the province. His father was one of those 67 persons, who joined the Peoples Party and became the vice President. Makhdoom Ameen Fahim was the leader of “SARWARI” community which is the Pakistan’s largest spiritual community. There are more than 9 lack followers in this community. According to some sources except politics Makhdoom Ameen Fahim was also fond of poetry. He used to say, he has learned the lesson of love and faith form Molana Roomi Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai and Sachal Sar Masat’s poetry.

He used to say poetry is my first love, and according to a report he used to do poetry and also read other poets poetry. He got married four ladies including the famous singer Rona Laila’s Sister Dena. According to some reports Dena also died because of Cancer. He passed lot of time out of country for the sake of better treatment. On 26th October he was shifted Dubai to Karachi, he had been fighting the deadly disease after all he got died. At the time of death he was 76 years old.

Ameen Fahim was suffering from blood cancer while Prime Minster, Minsters, political and religious leaders said, he everlasting sacrificed for country and democracy. He was admitting last previous days in a private hospital at Karachi. After his death lot of his fans and followers reached hospital. And his death body was shifted his hometown Hala.

Thousands of his followers political leaders and other peoples attended his death ceremony. Except Pakistan People Party’s vice President he was also the senior vice Chairman of Pakistan People Party. He started politics in 1970, since 1977 till 2013 he participated eight times in Election. And he couldn’t be defeated. In 1970’s election he won the election form Thatta and became the member of Sindh Assembly. In 2008 elections form Hyderabad he was chosen form NA 218. Since 188 to 1990 during Benazir Bhutto’s government he was given the ministry of Information and communication. Second time during Bibi’s government was given Housing and Public Works ministry. While 2008 he was given ministry of Industry and Import and Export. 2002 Parvez Musharaf offered him for Prime Minster but he rejected. While BiBi was exile he used to look after party.

He is considered the soft temperament politician. His son Makhdoom Jameel Ul Zaman is minter of Revenue. While his tow son Nemat ul Allah and Makhdoom Habib Ul Allah are also in politics. According to a report two years ago he got caner, Pakistan, Dubai, Germany, and London his treatment had been doing, and he had been surviving. After his death not only PPP but also national politics has lost a valuable asset.