Musharraf – We were fools to believe


About two months ago I wrote an article cautiously showing hope for the newest of our state leaders. I take it all back.

I wanted to write this article a month ago, but its taken me that long to get my anger under control. Not at our President, but at myself. How could I have been such a fool to forget the lesson history has taught us! No one – absolutely no one in this country comes to power for truly pure reasons. They are all power-hungry mongrels.

Why??? Why did Musharraf ruin it all? He was going along so well. Or so we thought. Lots of normal everyday people were beginning to get some hope. But then, nature struck. And along came The Referendum.

Musharraf has revealed his true intent. His mission in life is not Pakistan, but power. What I would really like to know is which genius gave him the idea. It is such a stupid thing to do. As an army leader, we dared not voice our opinions against him. But as a politician, even Nasrullah has taken out his hookah once again.

Does he really think that all the people like him? Don’t he or his advisors have a hand on the nations pulse? Can’t they read the mood of the people? Or do they just not care. Every night on television they show these political flunkies getting up and praising him to his face. Like huh! Does he really think they are serious? If so, then he is the biggest flunky of them all.

Or was it all done to appease Uncle Sam? Obviously the Bush clan likes having him in power around here. But they obviously couldn’t be seen supporting a military government. No! America – the defender of democracy! Maybe it was all done so that America could say to its people: “See! Now there is a true Islamic Democratic state!”; and Congress could approve the next loan of trash cans to us.

And the question! Huh! “Would you LIKE to see him as your president.” At least his lawyer has him covered. That one word has saved him from any overt breakage of the law. But then again, the author of the question has a long history of playing the game.

And when asked what he would do if he lost, Musharraf scratched his head and said, “hmm I haven’t thought of that one yet”. Very funny!

I took a poll in my office, and in the few offices surrounding mine. All educated bright young professionals. Over 90% of the people said that they would not vote in this Referendum (“Why should we waste our time?”). The rest said they would vote against him. I have not spoken to a single Pakistani individual who has told me that they will vote for him. (Except my brother, who said he vote since who knows when he get the chance again. And that since his vote was going to turn into a “Yea” anyways, might as well have it start out its life like one).

Which brings us to the saddest aspect of it all or most obvious one (whichever way you look at it). We all know Musharraf is going to win. Bets are being placed on the percentages. (89% in favor, 5% against, the rest invalid). A few days ago I read an article written by an ex-soldier saying that when Zia held his referendum, he had personally stuffed the ballot boxes. Of course, we all know that going to happen again.

Musharraf has taken to the role beautifully. He is the epitome of a Pakistani politician. That ridiculous turban on his head makes him look like Disney rendition of Aladdin genie. Doesn’t he realize that he making a fool of himself? But then again, who cares? Fool or not, he is obviously here to stay for a long time.

Last time, it took eleven years, a C-130 and a few Americans. I just wonder what will it take this time?