Penetrating Intruders in Our Land


I am a proud Pakistani. Proud to be a citizen of the country for which my forefathers laid their lives I remember my mothers and sisters were tortured my children were slaughtered in front of my very eyes but all this was not important then – because I knew that this was the preparation to receive the reward. Reward for the efforts of those whom I had lost whom thousands of me had lost lost forever; reward for the efforts of those who themselves were no more. There were tears in my eyes but not of sorrow, not of pain, not because I had lost every thing not because my hands were no more not because I had no arms or no legs. They were there to wash all the dirt from my eyes so that I could see more clearly now.

How content I was how much peace was there in my soul, and how clear was my mission. But what wrong now? Why are there tears in my eyes, why is it so painful for me now? Perhaps I have the answer myself. Perhaps I have hard facts to see to contemplate, which are such an eyesore for me.

I remember the wordings of my great leaders their struggle for the independence of a sovereign country free from any external influence. But what I have to see to tolerate is intrusion of other countries ever since this country was in its infancy. What I have to make clear to my self is that I have been unable to take care of this gift. I have been unable to safeguard it from the influence of wolves all around it that try to harm it whenever they get a chance. They succeed as well. They knew that we were unable to understand while knowing i.e. how important this baby was. What was the significance of this baby to the adults? Those adults could utilize this baby for their own purposes and so they did.

A look into my history just after the creation of this country shivers me. It seems that the death of our leading fathers was a great big opportunity for the wolves around us as they were in search of this small opportunity. India, with the death of our great Quaid tried to engulf this child. Great big problems were raised to ensure us that we were in big trouble, and yes we were. The biggest problem was that we couldn’t understand what was actually going on behind the scenes Wolves had started conspiracies against this child and this child was now getting tamed, as they wanted.

The adults knowing the childs importance started advancing towards it wearing a shroud and pretending to be friends. Pakistan you require military support, there a threat for you from India America insisted and yes India was there with its jaws open. And this was the start of American infringement.

America had started casting the spell because he knew that the capture of this country would be of benefit for him from all the aspects. Facing directly the two major communist powers China and Russia, if this country was some how mesmerized the communist expansion could be stopped. And so Pakistan signs SEATO and CENTO. All is fine now but as soon as the American aircrafts get caught on their way to anonymous flights over their rival countries every thing gets changed. Alas even then I failed to understand that this country was being used as a disposable napkin.

India had already a big wound of losing part of its land, how could he remain mute and dormant. Pakistan was the largest Muslim country and so had two solid reasons to be affronted by India. One, being its ex-part and the other being the largest Muslim country. The Indians played upon Bengali sentiments in the aftermath of the 1965 Pakistan-India war through RAW so that when opportunity struck the Indians were well prepared. It was RAW that gradually converted Sheikh Mujibur Rehman from being a staunch supporter of Pakistan as a student leader to envisaging himself as the possible Father of a new nation – Bangladesh. Indian sources, including journalists, have put on record how much before 1971 RAW had established the network of a separatist movement through cells within East Pakistan and military training camps in Indian Territory adjoining East Pakistan. The MuktiBahini were all in place organizationally to take advantage of the political trouble in 1971 and carry out acts of sabotage against communication lines so that Indian forces simply marched in at the right time. RAW agents provided valuable information as well as acting as an advance guard for conducting unconventional guerrilla acts against the Pakistani defense forces. A Bengali, who was a Mukti Bahini activist, Zainal Abedin, has written a revealing book, which includes his personal experience in Indian training camps, entitled, RAW and Bangladesh. It was the post-fall of Dhaka period which exposed the Indians true intentions and made Abedin realize that It was evident from the conduct of the Indian Army that they treated Bangladesh as a colony … India had helped the creation of Bangladesh with the aim that it would be a step forward towards the reunification of India

Even after cutting off the right hand of Pakistan India is not yet content. An alarm is there for us regarding Sindhu Desh and not only that but also related to provincialism promoting feeling among us to be a Punjabi, Pathan, Sindhi and Balochi but not a Pakistani

I can see our leaders which even today raise their voices for their provinces and not for Pakistan and worst of all they are our leaders. Making provincialism and regional languages their base they are ready to create commotion in this country and they do create it. Killings are made on this account. Our leaders always remain innocent and the common man is always responsible for every thing.

This is not enough there are lots of other beasts around

Pakistan was born as a Muslim state with Islam as its basis but Communism is our economy, democracy is our system (politics) and Islam is our deen was once the lesson day and night; instead of following the divine rules of Islam and being proud of being a Muslim Pakistani. Communism had penetrated so much that even Assalam-o-Alaikum was replaced. The communist spell was gradually being cast and it was working well… Russia knew that this country could be of much advantage to it. Getting approach of hot waters and forming a base against America would be easy only if Pakistan was made subordinate and this time again Pakistan was subjugated. Instead of for the people by the people our leaders had been tamed to for the government by the government. And, even stranger is that only that aspect was for the government which belonged to rivals of our leaders. Industry was nationalized and apparently everything went fine but this calculated decision lead to the eventual decline of the industry. And further more for the agitation of our minds from the analysis of this step, the very first time this country saw the violence on the basis of union-ship, provincialism was prompted and the sectarian problem was incited. Worst of all, not a single constructive effort for this country was endeavored. But even then I had my eyes closed

The cold war in Afghanistan by Russia gave us the most superlative gift Narcotics. Following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979, Pakistan was again viewed as a frontline state against Soviet expansionism.

And at this time how could America remain silent. It again attempted to lure Pakistan by offering an economic security aid, temporarily which was rejected but shortly after that five-year economic and military aid package was signed and then extended for six years on the ground of national interests of America, as Foreign Affairs and National Defense Division of America states it self.

Till this time Pakistan was gradually taught a lesson of being a vagabond to the lords providing help and aid The drug of dependence had already started penetrating the veins of the country and still my eyes were closed, in fact enjoying the wooziness of the drug.

Why am I so ignorant of the facts? Why can’t I see the foreign hands behind the reason that Pakistan is being used as a marionette, playing in the hands of other powerful countries and nations?

This is not enough even now. Hard facts are still there in front of me to make me realize that the exalted countries of this world have never wanted Pakistan to establish itself. Why not? Because if it were established, it could never be used in their own dirty politics. The survival of their own had been in great danger if Pakistan was not subordinated and this is what I have always forgotten. My biggest mistake that is

My biggest mistake has been the ignorance that how much Pakistan is important for me, for India, for America, for Russia, and for every other country in this world. I have to stop these intruders from penetrating the roots of my land Pakistan. Even today when this child has seen 53 years of its life. Even now these countries have in their eyes, interests in Pakistan. No matter how much they be my friends I have to be extra conscious because they are poisonous snakes for me. And this time they come with a new strategy, some new plans to destroy this beloved country of ours.

I find many examples of their penetration by this new way Their new scheme is now to attack Pakistan with a different approach indulging Pakistanis in their own minor problems so that they would not be able to respond to any external influence, so that they be ignorant of any kind of prosperity or revolutions going around them in this world. So that they become oblivious of conspiracies against them and let their country be used as the masters want. If there be no prosperity in the country the natives of this country would never be able to stand against the spiky world. And this is what has started in this dear homeland of ours.

Instead of proving to be nation united, we have been divided into groups fighting with each other over issues like provincialism and language. A group of us propagates Karachi as a separate province, while others consider N.W.F.P as Pakhtoonistan. Violence has started among those who are Punjabi and those who are Sindhi. What is all this if not a conspiracy I have to think

There are other issues as well why hasn’t the issue of Kalabagh dam not been solved yet and why has it been deferred so
Because the more this issue gets delayed, the more delayed gets the prosperity of this country. Knowing better than us the importance of Kalabagh dam, the wolves would never allow us to solve this issue and yes they have being successful till now.

Why does it happen that bhai (brothers) raise issues such as Mahajir Sindhi differences among the residents of Karachi? Why do hundreds of young and old get killed in the torture cells of Karachi and why does Karachi get declared as a No go area? Even this is not enough. The most barbaric point is knowing who is responsible for all this. Nobody gets punished and further more these innocent leaders of ours get political shelter from foreign countries and the most horrible part of the story is that this is becoming a routine for our so-called elected leaders. This country is used as a disposable then the whole story starts again. The elected leaders are bought by the foreign countries so that they become puppets in their hands and thus again the wolves get the chance to damage the country. Why is the conscience of these leaders rotten???

We can’t even understand that even our culture is being distorted and spoiled by these wolves. Our media has become a slide show of what the intruders want. We have so called NGOs working for the benefit of our country and thus foreign agents are there in each part of this country proving themselves as viruses for the soul of Pakistan. They are a big source of letting each and every minute detail of this land out to masters so that they are perpetually aware of our weaknesses

I fail to understand why Pakistan faces sanctions whenever it wants to take any step of its own choice?
It is time to think; to ponder and to realize the difference between truth and falsehood, friend and foe, and most of all dependence and independence.

Nobody can improve my condition until I myself want to do so. I have to realize that it is my own absentmindedness that has caused so much trouble and hindrance to the prosperity of Pakistan. When this country belongs to me it means that it is MY Country and nobody, no wolf, no external power and no intruder should be ever allowed to make use of the My Dearest Pakistan. Its time that I open my eyes and learn how to hinder the cancerous intruders coursing through the veins of Pakistan. I can make the difference even now After all it’s better late than never.