Story of Pakistan


It is the story of family which lived in a colony situated in sector South Asia of Global village and was known as India Colony. India colony was basically result of colonial policy of a very rich land lord of Global village known as Mr.Great Britain. Great Britain as powerful resident of Global village, snatched lands from people living in slum areas and built colonies consisted of brick houses for them in place of their shaggy homes. As he built new houses for them so he declared that area and houses his colony and took rent from their residents although originally the land belonged to the residents. Moreover as they never requested him to invest money so Britain had no right to do so but unawareness of law and constitution and lack of education made the owners weak and they left their claims at the stake of Mr. Britain ambitions.

Like various other colonies of Mr.Britain, India was also backward, underdeveloped and poorly administered. The conditions of inhabitants further deteriorated because of their internal disputes as they lacked unity and did not trust each other. Britain took the advantage of these conditions and treated them badly. These conditions were intolerable for some people who were far advanced in their thinking than common inhabitants of this colony. They raised voice against such type of treatment as well as tried to unite the people living in that colony to fight for their right. Among these people the most important one was All India National Congress. Congress was one of those people who were shrewd enough to deal such issues. He and his children got education at abroad and had learned all legal and constitutional tactics to ensure the ownership rights of this colony. They raised the slogan that the people living in this colony had right to own this land and every one should be given owner of his house. Because of Mr. Britain strained relations with his neighbours and friends he lost their support as well as good repute in society thus it became difficult for him to maintain his hold on that area so he decided to confer rights. In this way he could get rid of this issue honorably and also could earn good repute in Global village again.

Although Congress was politically more aware, had exceptional abilities as an orator and also talked about rights of whole colony but in fact he was very mean, biased and suffering from nepotism. He wanted to establish his and his clans hold on all of the colony by taking ownership rights from Mr. Britain in name of all inhabitants. Although there were various other people who were aware of Mr. Congress activities but as they were its relatives or had no knowledge to safeguard their rights so they trusted him that he would give him due share in the gains. How ever there was a young couple living in Congress neighbour hood known as Muslim league and Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Both of them knew the nature of congress well and apprehended the future changes thus Jinnah advised his wife Muslim League that before the establishment of congress hold on whole colony they should work for the safeguard of their future generations. Mr Jinnah was the well known advocate. He worked for his rights day and night and as he knew all the constitutional methods he convinced.

Mr. Britain that they should demarcate the little area in this colony for Mr. Jinnah family which wanted to live outside the hold of congress and their clan , in peace and freedom. Mr.British accepted this request and in 1947 he divided the colony in two parts and two new colonies emerged named as India and Pakistan. Mr. Jinnah part consisted of little area on which he built a five room house. It was adjacent to India a big colony in which there were large number of houses all belonged to various relatives of Congress who accepted his authority. However despite its smallness Jinnah and his wife Muslim League were quiet happy at their little home where they could live with freedom of will.

Unfortunately Jinnah died just after an year of building this new house. The construction of house was not completed yet and it needed lot of care and resources to take a form of a fort to deal with India and congress intrigues. All India Muslim League failed to bear the burden of this great sorrow and also died with Mr. Jinnah leaving the responsibility of this house on its five little children. For converting this underconstruction house into an invincible fort according to dream of Jinnah, Muslim League in her will give the responsibility of defence of each room to her five children.

As the children were too young to understand the meaning of her will, they just simply took its meaning as its their responsibility to defend their room without consideration that from whom. The result was that they started fighting with each other and started defending the rooms from each other. The room which was on eastern side was under child named as Bengal who had good terms with children of Mr.Congress. When Bengal attained the age of 25, after a severe fighting with other four children , it decided to build a separate gateway. In year 1971, after 25years of his parents death he declared his room a separate house and built a wall between the house dividing it into two. Although it’s a great setback to other four children but instead of taking any lesson and instead of learning how to live amicably with each other they are still busy in fighting and defending their rooms. There is no body elder in their family like their parents who can guide them and tell them the meaning of that will. So dear children, we should pray to God that May HE send some one there to tell these innocent alone children who had lost their parents, the meaning of will or give them insight to understand its meaning themselves other wise they will injure each other for getting nothing.