The Small Things in Life That Matter


Its the small daily happenings, which make us all cry with grief or scream with joy. There is one universal lingo all civilizations speak, its Emotions. The portrayal of emotions is what makes the difference otherwise all over the globe people feel the need to express the joy that they feel, the need to shed tears. However what differ are the mannerisms of celebration of the same joy, or mourning the same kind of loss. If deep down all of us are made of the same substance, wouldn’t it be helpful if we got to know our fellow beings better? By listening to people, empathizing with them, offering someone a shoulder when they need it most, doesn’t take much, or does it?

Of course we can’t deny the fact that peace of mind, happiness, eternal bliss, and sorrow lie all in the hands of Almighty. The story is all about only if He wants it to happen. This is something that encourages us to offer someone hope, a sympathetic ear or share someones laughter. Being Muslims as the narration goes When one Muslim gets hurt, the entire Muslim community would feel the pain.

Ideally speaking, the pain or happiness should have a trickle down effect on all. But unfortunately, in the ever so fast paced life today, we have become so oblivion to whatever is going on in peoples lives that we are almost robotic in our mannerism. We have become self-occupied, too concerned about meeting deadlines that the human element is fading away. Let us not allow it to fade, at least try to make a difference by performing nicely in our respective individual capacities. Complementing a co-worker, or appreciating someones ability to accomplish an apparently tedious task probably does not mean anything to us, but it could end up brightening someones day. Some people will always be rich no matter how much or how little they have. For only what we give away, enriches us from day to day.