Three Terrorists of the World


There are some people whose existence on earth is really a blessing of Allah (Sub ha na wa taala). They are a relief for humanity, raising them from the depth of ignorance to the peaks of what humanity is all about. They are, undoubtedly, the rulers of the hearts, the ornament of humanity, the messengers of peace. Despite the fact that they are few in number, they make a great impact.

The next group of people are those who remain busy in their own lives. They are neither productive nor destructive. All that can be said about them is that they live a peaceful life. In other words, they act upon thno pain, no gain rule.

But life is just not that simple. There also exists a group of people who are simply meant for destruction. They are bloodthirsty maniacs. They just cant see other people prosper. They will neither live peacefully themselves nor let others do so. All they want is to hear the screams, spread the terror, loot the people, color the ground with human blood, disregard the womens honor, orphan little children and basically act inhumane.

It is a psychological fact that these cruel and brutal people are puppets in the hands of their past complexes. It is the outcome of their deprivations that make them harsh towards others. They want revenge for their deprivations; and they take it out against society against the common man. This group is the Cult of Satan. Their actions are totally in contrast to human nature. This third group of people is definitely totally against Islam.

To counter this third group, the first group has to come up in order to keep the balance of society, to let life flourish and blossom.

The same is the case with nations. They also fall within these three groups. They can either be peaceful, moderate or aggressive. The majority of countries fall into the third group. Yes its true. Granted the majority of countries do not cause insurrection and panic in society, but unfortunately, a vast majority of countries are silent over the inhuman acts of their neighbors. Not stopping cruelty is the same as doing it yourself, so they the second group also fall amongst the bloody third group; and they are doing their job efficiently. As every successful team is lead by some genius supervisor, the third group is being supervised by three nations, or three Jamarat, USA (Jamara Akbar), India (Jamarah Ausat) & Israel (Jamara Asghar).

Apart from their denial of humanity, these countries share many common features: the inhabitants of all three countries entered their current homelands as invaders and marauders. They have no respect for the borders of other countries. They invaded other lands, perform atrocities on the real inhabitants and enslave them. In America, the White Man invaded America, and deprived the indigenous Red-Indians of their most basic rights. In India, the Aryans invaded the land and inflicted pain on the Dravadians, and in the end, enslaved them. And in the Middle East, the Jews from all over the world invaded Palestine, killing a large number of Palestinians and Arabs. Today the Palestinians are nothing more than the slaves of the Israeli invaders.

So the major problem, or in other words, the inferiority complex that governs the actions of these three nations is Lack of their own Territory. Once again, history is about to repeat itself. Little wonder if there would arise a Quit USA / Israel / India movements against Americans, Jews and Hindus within few years.

These countries are extremely selfish and self-centered in their foreign policy. They are terrorists. They just want to reach out and grab their interests, no matter how. What Americans have done in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Sudan, Iraq, Cuba, is the same as India is doing against its minorities and neighboring countries and Israel against the Arabs and Palestinians. It is a long overwhelming story of bloodshed and tears.

But it is a fact the brutality can only be taken up to a certain limit. As soon as it goes beyond that limit, as soon as the tolerance of the oppressed is shattered, the brutality comes to a screeching halt. The deprived people suddenly come up with the do or die slogan, and sooner or later, they get power in their hands and bring an end to the atrocities of this third group. No I am not building castles in the air, but in fact these are ground realities.

History is to be referenced. What was the French Revolution all about? What was the fate of the Franks in Asia Minor and Jerusalem? Where are the proud descendants of Chengez Khan? Where does the family of Abu Lahab live these days? Simply perished. Completely perished. The third group, the three leading countries in particular, will also soon perish because although they are penetrating the boundaries of other countries, they are being expelled from the hearts of their own people.

For every Pharaoh Allah sends a Moses. For every proud American soldier, Meva Jan Vazir is present, For every Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Shahab-ud-Din Ghauri is there. Girls like Aayat have taken oath to deaths. Many others are emerging like a tidal wave in the ocean of humanity. This will be the doomsday for third group and a day of re-birth for the Fourth group, Insha-Allah!