To Have Faith Is To Have Wings


At times a devastating life event can often trigger depression, lack of motivation, and a state of mind that spells stillness in the air and all around. All this leads to a test of our faith, especially in times of distress and pain. Being humans all of us have different reactions to the same degree of pain and intensities of troubles faced.

The self is nourished and enriched when thoughts are guided to focus on the constructive and positive. Self worth is non quantifiable. Much of the effect and cause of self worth is a matter of choosing thoughts that expand and strengthen the human psyche-rather than weaken or constrict it. I would say Pakis are beautiful people because they not only hang on to their faith, but they also act as constant reminders to people around them that Hey Buddy! Cheer up, Dont worry, everything will be fine. What makes us say so? Our own faith brought about by strong beliefs. We need to keep strengthening our faith, in order to restore our peace of mind.

Each individual lives in his own world, which he builds unconsciously, almost unknown to himself. What he lets into the windows and doors of his being, trigger in a most crucial way, his reactions to that world and become powerful factors in shaping his life. Each of us perceives facts in a way that is based on the sum of our experiences.

There are those who complain and curse circumstances yet there are those who do not lose hope. Some of you will disagree here, and question as to how can a human nor crib and brag about his/her sufferings, its almost natural! This is the time of our tests, it tests our endurance levels. Allah has stated at various instances in The Quran that He would test staunch Muslims with various experiences to see how steadfast they are. Today combined powerful evidence of science has proven that religious faith not only promotes overall good health but also aids in recovery from serious illness. By praying to God, Allah helps man to acquire an indirect form of control over his illness. It is obviously the Divine help which we term as the miracle in layman language. The believer thinks that he not alone in the struggle, and that God is personally interested in him. This safeguards people against the psychological isolation that barriers so many of us today. Harvard medical school associate professor Dr. Herbert Benson has researched and proven that the relaxed state brought on by prayer and meditation reduces the impact of stress hormones such as adrenalin. He says and I quote Repetitive prayer slows a person heart and breathing rates. It lowers blood pressure and even slows brain waves, all without drugs and surgery. I would term the same phenomenon as being chained to Allah If you keep strengthening that chain, He won let you down.

Who says miracles do not happen in today world. Of course they do! It only us who are blindfolded due to weak faith. If we keep our eyes and hearts open, miracles happen everyday, like a person heart beat reviving after good two minutes of being declared medically dead What do you call that? Human life is one of Lord miracles and he has his ways to heal, and they work differently for each one of us.

We keep consoling others, which of course spell our empathy, and our sensitivity towards our loved ones. It however is crucial to understand that bad times are not forever, just as a business life cycle of a product has it peaks, ups, downs and declines, similar is the curve of our individual lives. Dont lose hope!

Birds do not fly because they have wings; they fly because they have faith. To have faith is to have wings. Hope the Almighty blesses us all with the wings of faith and also to help us fly with them. Amen!