UNO: United Nations Organization or United No Objection


Just a few years back, when I was in my early classes, I was taught that after the World War II an organization was formed with the name of United Nations Organizations. The purpose of this organization was to save mankind, from the bloodshed and wars and to solve the disputed issues through dialogue. At that time there was an impression that this organization was very powerful and capable to implement its decisions.

As I was a child I believed in what was taught to me but now through observations I have realized that reality was not the same as it was revealed to me in my text books and by my teachers. Because the reins of UNO are in the hands of five countries and whenever a decision goes against the interest of these countries they pull these reins and change the direction of smooth going horse of UNO by using the lash of VETO.

One of these five countries is America. We all know America GOLDEN AIMS to rule the entire world. And after the fall of Russian Empire, America has become all in all in UNO. And now it seems that USA is not a member of UNO but UNO is an organization of USA. UNO can’t draw a single step without and permission of USA.

As far as the claims and slogans of HUMAN RIGHTS and PEACE ON EARTH are concerned the UNO performance is really remarkable. But when we try to find out some logical and factual results of those so called efforts and slogans we come to know that the progress is NILL.

When we talk about the rights and interest of West (non-Muslim world) we find that UNO is very active and influential. For example in the case of Israel, all Western world and specially USA are always alert and they don’t miss a single chance to get soft corner in Jewish community heart by waving the flags of Human Rights. Similarly, recently in the case of Kuwait within no time there was a SETTLEMENT to crush Iraq and to break her military might (just because Iraq was declared a fundamentalist by the so-called super power USA). In addition to this when two American were killed in Karachi, there was a earth quake in entire world and secret agencies from different counties were in Karachi to find out the person or persons who killed those GREAT people (as they were Americans).

But when we look towards Kashmir, Palestine, Bosnia, Somalia and Iraq, where human rights are being violated with such an extent that no one can hide these facts from the eyes worlds, we observe that all these flag carriers of so-called human rights become deaf and dumb. In these areas dozens of people are killed each day, innocent girls are raped in front of their family members, dead bodies of old citizens are thrown on the roads. But so-called organizations working for human rights do not seem to work with seriousness as the situation of these area demands.

Also the biggest organization of world i.e. UNO is not fulfilling her duties. All UNO has done is just passing the resolutions that worth nothing but a piece of paper, as these resolution can’t be implemented. It is just because the solution of these issues goes in the interest of Muslims. As the Muslims have been declared FUNDAMENTALISTS by our greatUNCLE SAM (America). And these areas do not attract the UNO and western powers, as there are no Oil wells to fill the stomach of Western Economy.

That is why we see that UNO is pretending that every thing is fine and under control. So it is totally clear that UNO doesn’t stand for UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION but it stands for UNITED NO OBJECTION (to crush Muslims). So the Muslims must stop looking towards UNO or any so-called super power (because the super power is only ALLAH Almighty) and should trust and utilize their own resources to solve their problems. We must remember that UNO will never work for the welfare of Muslims and if we do not realize this vital fact of the twentieth century then there will be no help even from God to keep us safe from the evils of west.

Note: This article was written about seven years back when I was a college student and it was published in a local magazine. And yesterday when I turned the pages of that magazine I realized that the situation has not changed in these seven years and even now this article depicts the current situation. So here it is to share it with you.