War Not the solution to our problems?… Hah!


It is an established fact that throughout the course of history, only two classes of men have ever uttered the word peace. The vanquished after being slaughtered and the victors after feasting on the spoils. No problem – and I mean, never ever has a major problem ever been satisfactorily solved on the table. Peace through words is a utopic fantasy dreamed up by classroom scholars and hibernating eccentrics.

But to fully understand this fact, we will first have to examine how and why problems arise in the first place. Let me give you a toned-down, but apt simile to explain what I’m trying to say. Suppose you have a peach tree in your garden. Your neighbors come and steal the peaches off your tree. Your neighbors are in the wrong but they will never admit it, unless they are caught red-handed. Even then they will try to run away. This gives rise to a mini-war.

Now lets further this example to encompass the comity of nations. Country X yearns for more land to house its ever-growing population. Next-door lies country Y. Country X has a big army. Country Y is a peace-loving nation. Country X attacks country Y. Beats the living daylights out of its citizens. Crushes them to ensure that they won rise up again. Then calls upon the United Nations to quote peacefully resolve the issue unquote. That is what is meant by peace through words. Peace through words is just another name of sanctifying the brutality that has been committed.

Mankind has progressed as far as it has by learning from its past collective history. We thought the earth was flat. But when shown conclusive proof, we bowed down to the notion of a round world. War is a brutal thing. Heaps upon heaps of dead bodies, splattered over the face of the earth. It’s a terrible sight to see admit. But if the collective human psyche were able to find a way through this enigma called life without shedding blood, we would have found it. But it is a physical impossibility. Whether this is due to the restlessness of one man, or the brutality of another, the fact remains, ultimately, war is the only answer.

I don’t mean by all this to say that we should jump into the boxing ring as soon as we feel that our rights have been stolen. But the very fact that the person in front of me has stolen my rights means that he is an unreasonable bully. A thief does not steal from the treasure trove just to return the gold to the poor. A tyrant does not steal land to distribute it to the needy. A madman does not spill blood in order to shed tears on the victims grave.

Let us now examine the greatest farce of modern history. The making of the United Nations. The Anglo-Saxon force triumphed against the Aryan minions. You have oil we want we pay your neighbors to attack you; we land our forces upon your soil, and get what we want. All in the name of Peace. You are becoming too big for your britches we bomb you in the name of Anti-terrorism.

If he kills me to settle his differences he is the savior of the earth. If I do the same – I am a terrorist. I don’t understand the meaning of peace. I should learn to talk to my enemies and to resolve my differences on the table. They don’t want peace!!! They just want everything that I have!!! And the rest can all die and whither away!!!

Peace through words is a fantasy. When you get down to the facts, and examine what has happened in the past few months, you will see that all differences ultimately end up on the battlefield. So, all that remains to be seen is when the next battle will start.