What a Laugh


I never really like Mr. Aziz, even before he was tied up as Prime Minister. He always seemed arrogant and stuck-uppish. In his press-conferences, he always came across as if he was mocking the other students for only getting a B+.

And he was so obviously a pawn.

And then, the General needed a bureaucrat. Someone who wouldn’t be *bound* by any sort of ties to this country. Aziz fit the bill perfectly.

And so another pair of pants got to sit in the Prime Ministers seat.

And boy! Is this guy a riot. He is so obviously out of place. Remember when we were students in an all-girls school, and those Ministers would be invited for prize-giving ceremonies. Remember how out-of-place and thoroughly uncomfortable they looked? That’s Aziz. When he sits in a meeting, he is so stiff you could eat off his back. When he is beside the General, he looks like a little boy whose been caught playing hooky and is being set as an example for the other students in morning assembly.

Oh well, he is here for another three years or so. He’ll learn. Or not. It doesn’t make a difference. The General simply needed an educated looking mouthpiece. Someone who could lie and make you feel embarrassed over your not so perfect marksheet.

Now if someone would only tell him to stop those Botox injections.